Company Presentation

4E, Ltd. was created in the year 2006 as a private company dealing with business process outsourcing in the area of financial and accounting services and dealing with consulting services. The company consists of a group of persons and external consultants who have had a lot of experiences in working in different national and multinational companies in the Slovakia as well as abroad.

"4E" in the name of the company represents the reality of how the company works and acts internally as well as towards the clients.

"4E" presents the abbreviations of four (4) English words starting with (E):




means that inputs we work with should be the cheapest without a negative effect on quality of our outputs

means that we should guarantee the maximum number of possible outputs with minimal inputs

means that our outputs, we provide to our clients, should satisfy our clients' needs in a maximum possible way

means that what we do, we do ethically

The following figure shows regular (e. g. business) transformation process, where the inputs are changed into the outputs. "4E" is highlighted in the figure in order to show the way how our company work and what our clients feel in processes, we support them in:

Attribute "Business Process Support Company" represents thing, that our company is specialized in and focused on. We can translate this as a company concerning with the business support processes specifically processes in the area of accounting and finance. Under business support processes we recognize support that is being realized in the way to become "4E", i.e. to be economical, efficient, effective and ethical.

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