Outsourcing - Worldwide Trend

  • From the year 2000, worldwide annual growth rate in finance and accounting outsourcing is about 24 %
  • 70 % of all existing outsourcing contracts in finance and accounting have been signed since 2002
  • Accounts payable, general accounting, and accounts receivable appear in over 80% of contracts (payroll processing appear in 50 % of contracts)
  • 50 % of all current contracts are signed in U.S.A. despite this number the actual increase is the highest in Europe
  • Approximately 87% of the contracts have 5-to-10 year terms
  • Most of the contracts are signed in energy industry, production and in retailing2

2© Copyright Everest Research Institute. Source: Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Annual Report, September 2005


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