Outsourcing Example - Payroll Processing

Following table provides information about outsourcing benefits in a chosen company's process - payroll processing - and its estimated impacts on specific areas within a company:


Outsourcing Example in Payroll Processing in Selected Company's Areas   Your Care Today   Your Care Tomorrow
  You You/4E 4E   You You/4E 4E
Payroll Processing Process        
  Monitoring of changes in laws/regulations            
  Data collection for payroll processing            
  Payroll processing              
  Communication with the third parties            
  Communication with employees            
  Reports and statistics for management            
  Attendance on the third parties' controls            
  License fees            
  Software trainings              
  Software maintenance              
  Data security and archiving            
  Hardware costs              
Human Resources          
  Management of risks related to HR            
  Payroll costs              
  Training costs              




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